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Behaviours and Results

Don’t complain about the results you don’t get for the behaviours you don’t do.

How often do our strategies rely on wishful thinking? Whether that be for getting fit, winning work or meeting our key performance indicators each year. We state the desired result, set expectations, timescales and owners and set people on their merry way.

We often don’t think about all of the behaviours that we or others need to do to get the result and also what motivates us to do those desirable behaviours. We think that saying makes it so.

Our behaviour is driven by our environment and so the old triggers are still in place before you made the desired statement for the result you want. Willpower and determination will get you so far, but as soon as those old triggers in the environment resurface, which reliably predict desirable consequences, then we will into the old patterns of behaviour.

So I can set out to eat healthily and exercise more, but if I haven’t figured out that one of my triggers for eating snacks is watching a movie on a Saturday night, it won’t be long before I am stuffing popcorn into my mouth before I even realise, such is the strength of the conditioning of that habit over the years.

The same is true of business. We set people goals to hit particular targets by particular dates without thinking about what their environment is like. Do they have time, resources, and motivation to do all of the behaviours that are required to get this result? In fact, we don’t even really think about what behaviours are required – we just hope they will figure it out.